Racking in gold.

While advancing in rank and moving from areas to areas, there are points in time where you need a massive amount of gold to buy new traps and supplies. However trying to gain enough gold might be rather difficult to obtain hunting normally.
Now you would wonder where you can farm gold fast and efficiently in MouseHunt.
There are a few areas for gold farms, and they each requires a specific rank.
 Masters and  Grandmasters
  • Mousoleum
    • Will experience some FTC and FTA, however in a long run it’s a very good profit
    • Down side is you will require to farm Radioactive Potions before hand
  • Catacombs
    • This will be one of the place that you will stay the longest to farm gold
    • Best profit when you have ACRONYM crafted
    • For hunters above Legendary Rank and haven’t crafted the Enraged Rhino Bot.
    • Great point and gold reward in this area
    • Down side would be that you need to farm Radioactive Potions
  • Derr Dunes
    • Once you had obtained at least Enrage Rhino Bot (ERB) start farming here for fast gold
    • Expect a fair amount of FTC and FTA even with ERB, however in a long run profits will out run your loses
    • Comparing with Catacomb
      • Pro: No need to farm Radioactive Potion, higher gold profit
      • Con: Lower point reward, slower rank advancement
  • Muridae Market
    • Comparing with Derr Dunes
      • Pro: Way more points reward, less “redboxes”
      • Con: Less gold
Special Gold Farm Methods
  • Furoma Cycle
    • Before starting this gold farm, make sure you understand that this is not as profitable as Derr with the same amount of time spent, if you are not using Maki Cheese or buying tokens with Kings Credits.
    • Requires a strong Tactical trap
      • Minimum Horrific Venus Mouse Trap
      • Recommended Sphynx Wrath
1. Collect tons of Tokens from Students in Dojo (Best with maki) or skip to step 2 by buying tokens with kings’ credits
2. Craft Combat, Glutter and Sushee cheese and catch Masters in Meditation Room for shards.
3. Craft Rumble cheese and collect as many Onyx Stone as possible from Masters of Dojo
4. Using the Onyx Stones craft Unstable Curds
5. “Poke” them all inside the Special Inventory to obtain different kinds of cheese, including:
    • Onyx Gorgonzola – use it to catch Dojo Sensei
    • Rumble – use it to catch more Masters of Dojo
    • Combat, Glutter and Susheese – use them to get more Shards to craft Rumble again
6. Keep crafting more Unstable Curds and continue the cycle until you are out of supplies. The main point is to get as much Master of the Dojo and Dojo Sensei as possible during the cycle.

  • Acolyte Farm
    • This one is straight forward, the main goal is to farm as much Acolytes as possible with Runic Cheese.
    • Requires a Forgotten and Arcane Trap
      • Minimum Forgotten Trap – Ancient Box trap
      • Minimum Arcane Trap – Obelisk of Slumber (Recommends ACRONYM)
1. Check MouseHunt Timer to see how long till Forbidden Grove closes
2. Go there only if there are more than 1 hour left (Best if there are more time)
3. Farm Runes in Forbidden Grove while trying to catch a Realm Ripper mouse
4. When you are at Acolyte Realm, craft as many Runic Cheese as possible with Runes and arm it to catch as many Acolyte as possible.
5. You can use the frozen scrolls found in the mysterious chest to crat dragon bane charm and sell it in the market place for around 400k.
  • Selling Super Brie
    • If you are willing to donate to MouseHunt, selling Super Brie + in the market would be the EASIEST way to get gold
    • SB+ can also be obtained on the Day 5 Loyalty Chests
    • Super Brie Supply Packs can also be purchased from King’s Arms General Store for 30 King’s Credits
If you know any other ways to farm gold, post a full description of the method in the comment below! Good luck farming gold hunters!

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